All in the brushstrokes

Sculpting with light

If architects were main artists in the composition of a built environment, then we as lighting specialist consultants are the ones who lend subtle yet bold brushstrokes to the canvas of work. These brushstrokes incorporate the practical installation of lighting within the built environment. We also lend aesthetic nuances to the design so as to create mood, atmosphere and identity. Appointed by M+S Pte Ltd as the lighting consultants for the mixed-use project, DUO, this was what we set out to do.

Our scope of work covers all exterior sites, LED-integrated façades, all retail components, commercial office, residential and Andaz Hotel interiors. Working closely with the architects, we proposed lighting inputs based on the design strategy of each spatial zone. This is showcased in the fully integrated façade lighting design.

Ophir Road/Rochor Road
Category Retail | Residential | Mixed Use
Year 2017
Size 160,000sqm

A light but bold touch goes a long way

Surrounded by diverse land uses with multiple histories, DUO’s design scheme aims to synergise with its rich surroundings. Its scheme employs a strategy of carving urban spaces out of the building forms, and the resulting curved building massing not only creates generous outdoor public spaces but also a distinctive tower form. To complement and enhance this design strategy, we incorporated sleek lighting elements – 25,000m of indirect linear LEDs and 12,000 direct LED pixels – into the façade of the architecture. The end product not only amplifies the contrast of linearity and curvature in the architecture but its ethereal, static and animated monochromatic composition is also visually stunning – creating a distinctively new skyline.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.