The Firm

If architects were main artists in the composition of a built environment, then lighting specialist consultants are the ones who lend subtle yet bold brushstrokes to the canvas of work. These brushstrokes incorporate the practical installation of lighting within the built environment. They also lend aesthetic nuances to the design so as to create mood, atmosphere and identity.

Joining DP Architects & its group of companies, DP Lighting (DPL) offers a range of creative services from advice on specific lighting problems to comprehensive design implementation on projects of all sizes and project stages (covering concept to detailed design and completion). As architecturally trained designers that specialise in lighting systems, DPL professionals are in the unique position to work with architects, designers, artists, engineers, building developers, owners and end users to develop seamless lighting solutions for diverse architectural design issues.

DPL’s approach to light is intuitive, recognising that natural daylight is not static and that changes in light quality and quantity are vital to our psychological perception and understanding of form and space. DPL instinctively understands that variation in light is important for human well-being as it stimulates senses on an emotional level as well as at a practical level. Its designs complement the way people perceive the ever-changing patterns of light and shade around them.