Our Experience

DPL's expertise and vast knowledge in lighting design and systems, including light pollution and energy conservation, comes with their project experience in diverse typologies. Lighting in airports, atria, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, concert halls, art galleries, museums, retail centres, historic sites and buildings, monuments and sculptures, environmental lighting of public parks and gardens, car parks, university campuses, theme parks and sports facilities make up their large portfolio of works. This wide exposure has allowed DPL professionals to gain a clear understanding of the processes involved in implementing such projects while complying with legislative specifications.

We push lighting design boundaries through pragmatics of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design.

We explore how light redefines the architectural shape and form.

We create lighting that complements and interacts with the surrounding environment.

The team at DPL possesses an inherent and profound understanding of the architectural and construction processes involved, ensuring a cohesive result for the client. DPL’s creative approach applies not only to artistic and architectural form but also to urban infrastructure – such as civic spaces, roadways and bridges – which blends architectural concept with the pragmatics of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design. All aesthetic design proposals by DPL are underwritten by practicalities that satisfy relevant statutory requirement and sustainability aspirations, ensuring the building’s conditions are acceptable to the end user.